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Through a difficult nineteen-year marriage that ended in divorce, through four years as a single mom to two teenagers, and now as a newly-remarried woman with three stepchildren, Elisabeth resonates with the wounded woman and hopes all women can move further into wholeness in their relationships – with God, in their marriages, with their children, with their friendships, and themselves. She is available for women’s events and retreats.

Here is what you can expect from Elisabeth if you book her:
*A woman who loves Jesus.
*A varied selection of talks to choose from that you can find by scrolling below.
*A speaking agreement that both you and she will sign.
*Fourteen years of speaking experience to over 175 groups and over 6500 women.
*Ten years’ experience as a former Women’s Ministry Director who knows what it’s like to plan an event.
*A message outline and discussion questions provided ahead of time.
*She will show up on time.
*She will give a message that is birthed out of very personal and authentic sweet and difficult life experiences.
*She will stay afterwards to talk or pray until the very last woman is served.
*A woman with a heart for women, especially those who are hurting.
*She will be open to your feedback after the event.

“Elisabeth is the same person on her blog and on Facebook as she is at her book table and behind the podium and out there {in the world}. I absolutely recommend grabbing your girlfriends, sisters, moms, (ok, anybody really) and going to see Elisabeth. Everything about her exudes the love of Jesus. You will be refreshed and encouraged that God is in control of whatever situation you are facing.” -Candi Evans, retreat coordinator, Living Word Fellowship, Savannah, Tennessee

“Elisabeth spoke at our one-day women’s retreat – her talk centered on ‘Plan B’ in the morning and ‘Fresh Starts’ in the afternoon. Elisabeth’s personal transparency in sharing her spiritual journey with the Lord provided a transformative environment for the women attending the retreat. Elisabeth is well-grounded theologically, she provided scripture passages that reflected her relationship with Jesus as her Lord and Savior.” -Cinda Siligmueller, First Presbyterian Church Glen Ellyn, Adult Ministries Director

“Elisabeth’s talk was hilarious, heartbreaking, raw, inspirational, and healing.  She shared how only God can take our broken pieces and use them to create a masterpiece far greater than what we could ever imagine.   Elisabeth truly has a gift of relating to women.”     -Kaia Beyer, Grace Church, Racine, WI

“{The All Things New retreat} was amazing! Thank you for blessing us!” -Dana, Elgin, IL

“It felt like everything you said, you were talking right to me.” -Annette, Elgin IL

“Elisabeth remains passionate in her pursuit of knowing Jesus intimately so that she might live a life that brings glory to Christ, even in the midst of personal pain as a result of a disintegrating marriage. Though she has made tremendous personal and relational efforts to effect reconciliation, she is currently the victim of an unsought divorce. As her elder, I have watched Elisabeth graciously and humbly submit to the authority of church leadership, even when it has been challenging, risky, and uncomfortable, which gives me the confidence to recommend her as a communicator who will speak to women with the honesty, integrity, sincerity, and Christ-honoring humility that will encourage them in their faith, even in the shadow of dark times.”     -Casey Solgos, elder, Christ Community Church (2012)

“The Faith Committee of the 16th Judicial Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council, was looking for speakers for our 10th annual conference relating to domestic abuse and the faith community.  The topic in 2014 was “Forgiveness” and, as chair of the committee, I immediately thought of Elisabeth.  She graciously accepted our invitation and was the only non-clergy speaker on our program.  Elisabeth didn’t disappoint and gave an excellent presentation on forgiveness from the viewpoint of a survivor. I am looking forward to working with her again.” -Jim Kintz

“Elisabeth’s message spoke deeply into the hearts and minds of many of our women.  I know that the Lord used her story to bless, encourage, and inspire many women.  No one left untouched.  Thank you, Elisabeth, for being an open vessel to share how God has used your brokenness to bring you to a closer walk with Him and to be a giver of comfort to many hurting women.”   -Sharon Nutter, Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, Elmhurst, IL

Honorarium policy

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