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Thank you for your interest in booking Elisabeth for your event.  Her heart is for women to move further into wholeness in their relationships - with God, their marriages, their children, their friendships, and themselves.  Since she began speaking in 2002, she has spoken to over 170 women’s and MOPS’ groups, reaching over 6500 women. She is available for women’s events and retreats.  To book Elisabeth for your event or check her availability, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

“Elisabeth’s talk was hilarious, heartbreaking, raw, inspirational, and healing.  She shared how only God can take our broken pieces and use them to create a masterpiece far greater than what we could ever imagine.   Elisabeth truly has a gift of relating to women.”     -Kaia Beyer, Grace Church, Racine, WI

Speaking samples
MOPS’ group
An interview on Blogtalk Radio with Ekene
A panel interview on Creativity & Pain at The Orchard Community Church
An interview on In the Market with Janet Parshall
An interview on This is the Day with Nancy Turner
An interview on Midday Connection with Anita Lustrea
An interview on The Harvest Show
An interview on LoveSavers radio

Speaking Topics

NEW! If interested in hosting an “All Things New” one-day retreat for separated & divorced women in your area, email Elisabeth for details at

NEW! Plan B Life: This Isn’t What I Signed Up For
When life looks nothing like we planned on or hoped and prayed for, what does God want us to do about it and learn from it? (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

NEW! Lessons Learned from an Ended Marriage (And What You Can Do if You’re in a Difficult One)
All marriages require work, but some are harder than others. We’ll talk about what I learned looking back on my failed marriage and what women can do who find themselves in difficult Christian marriages.  (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

Fresh Starts
Do you ever feel like you need another chance with God?  We’ll take a look at a variety of situations when a fresh start is what you’re wishing for.  (Tone: Light/Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

Relationships 201
Relationships are costly and can break our hearts.  We’ll tackle conflict resolution, boundaries, forgiveness, and letting go.  (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

When Life Feels Harder Than You Think It Should Be
Life will hand us trouble…it’s not a matter of if but when.  What can we do during the peaceful times of life to shore up and prepare our hearts, and when the trouble comes, what can we do to spur on the healing?  (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

Calm in My Chaos
How can a woman find calm in the midst of her chaotic life?  Find practical ideas and encouraging inspiration for increasing the calm and decreasing the chaos of your crazy life by investing in your mental, relational and spiritual reserves.  (Tone: Light; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

Calm in My Christmas Chaos
When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Shopping, baking, relatives, stress? What happened to the peace? That is exactly what God wants to give us during this time.  (Tone: Light; Audience: Seeker or Believer)


“Elisabeth remains passionate in her pursuit of knowing Jesus intimately so that she might live a life that brings glory to Christ, even in the midst of personal pain as a result of a disintegrating marriage. Though she has made tremendous personal and relational efforts to effect reconciliation, she is currently the victim of an unsought divorce. As her elder, I have watched Elisabeth graciously and humbly submit to the authority of church leadership, even when it has been challenging, risky, and uncomfortable, which gives me the confidence to recommend her as a communicator who will speak to women with the honesty, integrity, sincerity, and Christ-honoring humility that will encourage them in their faith, even in the shadow of dark times.”     -Casey Solgos, elder, Christ Community Church (2012)

“Elisabeth’s message spoke deeply into the hearts and minds of many of our women.  I know that the Lord used her story to bless, encourage, and inspire many women.  No one left untouched.  Thank you, Elisabeth, for being an open vessel to share how God has used your brokenness to bring you to a closer walk with Him and to be a giver of comfort to many hurting women.”   -Sharon Nutter, Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, Elmhurst, IL

Honorarium policy
Contact Elisabeth at elisabeth@elisabethklein.comdirectly for honorarium information.


“Plan B Life”
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Crystal Lake, IL

“Plan B Life”
Faith Church
Dyer, IN

Forgiveness & Abuse
Domestic Violence Conference
Second Baptist Church
Elgin, IL

Plan B Life
Wildwood Presbyterian Church
Grayslake, IL

All Things New one-day retreat
Ola’ la’! IJORERE
Elgin, IL
Details to come!

In-home Guided Retreat
Bloomington, IL

“When Life Feels Harder Than You Think It Should Be”
New Creation Community Church
Dover, PA

“All Things New” one-day retreat for separated/divorced women
Providence Presbyterian Church
York, PA

Relationships 201
Single Moms’ Ministry
Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church
Elmhurst, IL

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